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Cost Estimating for Civil & Electrical Projects


Various contractors who work with Duquesne Light Company, PA Power & Light, and PEPCO


Alpine Allegheny has the capacity to estimate new, replacement or renovation of underground electrical transmission and distribution lines, and substations. He can also prepare Right-of-Way clearances. Services are available for whole site development, concrete estimating, drainage, erosion and sediment control, for a broad range of site types, including switchyards, power plant waste disposal sites and substations.     

One method of estimating underground electrical transmission is the use of High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) direct-burial cable. This installation follows the same estimating procedures as the High-Pressure Fluid Filled cable system (HPFF), except there are no steel pipe to install. Underground construction of this system is similar to the installation of all steel pipe installations including high pressure steam and natural gas transmission mains, except they can bend in any direction as needed. 

As with any other utility trenching, estimates include review of the soils reports which is critical in determining cost factors such as disposal, possible reuse as backfill above the bedding zone, rock and other obstructions. 

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